1. What is the best way to send a manuscript to Fresh Eyes?

The best way to send your manuscript to Fresh Eyes is via our online upload form or via e-mail in a Microsoft Word attachment.

2. Could someone at Fresh Eyes call me?

Due to the nature of our work, we must have a quiet office so therefore, we do virtually everything via e-mail. This is not designed to offend anyone, in any way. This just shows our commitment to our craft and to our work, and we want to show the same undivided attention for your project.

3. Can my manuscript be hand-written, as long as it is very legible?

Yes, we do accept hand-written materials, but we prefer that your book is on a CD, disk, or e-mailed in an attachment. Also, there is a typing fee for all hand-written materials of $200.00 (flat fee) per every 100 typed pages.

4. Do you do transcribing?

Yes, we do transcribe sermons, lectures, and speeches:

1 to 30 minutes is $44.00
31 to 60 minutes is an extra $44.00
61-90 minutes is an extra $44.00, and so forth.

5. What's the turnaround time for transcribing from a CD?

The turnaround time for transcribing from a CD is 1-2 weeks from the time of submission and payment.

6. How do you maintain the integrity, voice and personality of the author when providing your services?

When transcribing, we maintain the integrity, voice, and personality of the author by first listening to the sermon or speech to get a feel for the way the author would write what he is speaking. We keep what the author is saying in context, but at the same time since speech is much different than the written form, we will make it clear to the reader. When ghostwriting, we read an outline of the idea the author wants us to write on, gather background information and research if needed, and write in the manner in which the author would like. When proofreading and editing, we do our very best to make sure that the style of the author remains that same, while at the same time being free of errors. 

7. Which method of payment do you prefer?

We prefer payment by credit card or debit card via PayPal on our website for faster processing of your order. A check is also acceptable, but it must clear before we can begin work on your book.