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Why You Need a Proofreader and/or Copyeditor

A good copyeditor or proofreader provides an invaluable service. Sometimes, a person can become so attached to his or her work, that he or she is not able to catch the mistakes that would be apparent to another reader who is seeing it for the first time. That is where a copyeditor and/or proofreader comes in--as a pair of FRESH EYES on your final work. A copyeditor and/or proofreader does not just look for misspelled words, they also correct grammatical mistakes, incorrect tenses, and other errors that would make you cringe while you are looking at the copy in its published form.

As copyeditors and proofreaders at Fresh Eyes, we will see to it that your writing is clear and that the purpose of your text is clarified. We will also make sure that your writing follows the specific guidelines of English grammar and the required format for publication.

We will read your entire work, correct all grammatical errors, make sure your text is consistent all the way through, verify statistics, numerical and technical data, and make sure that what you are trying to say is coming through. We always tailor our work to meet your needs; it's never the other way around. You only pay for the services you receive.

What Type of Texts We Accommodate

We will accept almost any text of any length, on any decent topic. We do not accept pornographic material, or any material that is against Judeo-Christian values. We accept the following:
• Nonfiction Books
• Fiction Books
• Children's Books
• College Papers
• Magazines
• Business Documents
• Websites
• Articles
• Church Publications
• School Materials/Curriculum
• Promotional Material
• Press Releases
• Resumes and Bios
• Newsletters, Bulletins and Brochures
If you have any questions as to whether or not we can proofread or copyedit your text, please send us a sample, and we will review it and give you an honest answer about our abilities.

How to Send in Your Text

We can receive your text in five different ways:
  • Upload via our website
  • E-mail attachment
  • Hard-Copy (mailed
  • Disk or CD (mailed)
  • Fax

For e-mail attachments, please send as either a Word document [preferred method] or as a PDF file. For projects that come in Word format, we will complete the project and then send the corrected file(s) back to you as an email attachment; or we can ship a hardcopy back to you via UPS or Fedex (extra $5.00 fee plus postage applies). PDF file projects will be printed out, corrected, and returned to you via FedEx or UPS (extra $10.00 fee plus postage applies). 

For large, hard-copy projects, you can ship them to us via your preferred carrier. When we complete your project, we will return it to you via UPS or FedEx. The cost of packaging, shipping and handling will be charged to you.

Projects on disk or CD can be sent in Word-based (preferred) or PDF files. Completed Word projects will be shipped to you on a disk or CD or sent as an email attachment. PDF file projects will be printed out, corrected, and returned to you on a disk or CD via FedEx or UPS.

For small, hard-copy projects, you can fax the project to us. We will complete the project and fax the corrected pages back to you. 

We will retain a copy of all completed projects for a period of six months at no cost to you.


We have a team of nine proofreaders and copyeditors. Your book will be reviewed by at least five sets of eyes and will go through six rounds of proofreading and/or copyediting, thus we can assure you that 100% of errors will be caught. One of our proofreaders/copyeditors has a Doctorate in English & Literature; three have Master's Degrees, two have Bachelor's Degree's, one is working toward her Bachelor's Degree and the other three have four years of training and experience. We have been in the writing, proofreading, and copyediting business since 1989.

We use Strunk and White's Elements of Style for style, grammar, and sentence structure. We use the Merriam-Webster's Unabridged Collegiate Dictionary for vocabulary correctness. We also use The Brief New Century Handbook,Webster's Standard American Style Manual and The Chicago Manual of Style as reference books.

We can work at any academic level. We can read any subject matter as long as it is not pornographic or is against Judeo-Christian values. Some of our proofreading and copyediting projects have included, self-help books, advertising materials, catalogs, brochures, booklets, tracts, magazines, children's books, portfolios, business plans, Power Point presentations, websites, and college papers.

We work directly with authors, agents, editors, and publishers. We provide a quality level of service, and we make our customers look good on paper.


• There are no long term contracts
• There are no hidden fees
• We can meet deadlines
• We will provide you with an honest time estimate to have your job completed
• We will always do a thorough job 
• We can handle rush projects