Website Proofreading & Editing Services

Make sure your website is making a good first impression.

In today's world, your website is often the first image people will have of you. What kind of impression is your website making? Fresh Eyes can help you make sure that that impression is a great one. Here is more about our proofreading and editing services:

Our team of proofreaders will make sure that all text on your website is grammatically correct, free from incorrect punctuation, wrong tenses, misspelled words, and other minor errors that take away from the value of the work. We will also make sure that the text is presented in a logical manner in accordance with the subject matter.

Our team of copyeditors will provide a fresh approach to your work, and read it from an objective point of view. We will always look for ways to improve the text including restructuring if necessary. Copyediting services range from making simple changes to punctuation, to changing a few words or phrases, to re-writing an entire paragraph. We will also make sure that the style and flavor of the text is consistent throughout the website.

Why do you need this service? You probably visit your website often. You are so close to it and you know it so well that you don't see the errors that are apparent to others. A pair of "fresh eyes" can be helpful and will make for happier website visitors. We proofread and edit all types of websites including: business sites, non-profit sites, personal sites, church sites, information sites, ecommerce sites, news sites, and more.

Cost: $55

Don't let an opportunity to make a great first impression go to waste. Purchase this service today.

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